Mado Mado, meaning Window Window in Japanese, is both a metaphor for a window into my fondest recollections of Japan, as well as the design aesthetic of baguette cut stones featured in the collection.

I’m often asked, “what is your inspiration?” To which my answer is always “everything.” I’m forever influenced directly or indirectly by the world and energy around me.
Each piece is named after an architect, artist, place or person who left a lasting impression on my creativity. The collection is reminiscent of new and old Japan, the contemporary architecture and the luminescent neon lights of Tokyo and Osaka. It 
embodies a similar ethos to Japanese style in that individual pieces exhibit a delicate simplicity; but when stacked, paired, or overlapped, creates infinite resplendence. Similar to previous collections, the unique design encourages you to play, create and build your own personal style.